Key Documents and Policies

  • Pupils are expected to maintain a high standard of behavior and manner of speech.
  • In order to ensure proficiency in English, students must speak in English during school hours.
  • Students should be well-behaved, respectful, honest and truthful to everyone around them.
  • Students are expected to be attentive in class and complete and hand in all assignments on time.
  • Personal hygiene and neatness are of vital importance. Students are expected to be well groomed and be tidy.
  • Parents should ensure that the child brings books according to the timetable only.
  • Parents are expected to check the calendar, sign the remark and also check note from the class teacher or subject teacher regularly.
  • Parents are expected to attend the meetings and all the school functions according to the schedule strictly.
  • Parents are strictly prohibited to deliver their ward tiffin, any books, craft materials, or any other stationary, activity kit or equipment during the school hours.
  • Parents should give short break and long break tiffin to their ward in the morning while coming to school only. No tiffin would be accepted once the school begins.
  • Parents should see to that child brings vegetarian, healthy and homemade food to school every day.
  • Parents can communicate their concerns and suggestions to the class teacher in writing.
  • Parents are requested to avoid making any telephonic calls to school office unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Punctuality is essential at all times; students should be in school five minutes before the warning bell. Students must reach school in time for morning school assembly during which discipline should be maintained. Students who disagree this rule without valid reason will face appropriate action.
  • Students must keep their classrooms and campus neat, clean and presentable at all times. They should avoid littering and should make use of bins provided.
  • A support team of responsible students (Students’ council) is elected each year to maintain the discipline of the school. Students must obey them at all times.
  • Students must not vandalize school property. Any damage to the school property must be made good by the concerned offender.
  • Each child is responsible for his/her own belongings. Parents are advised not to allow their children to bring any valuables (fancy chains, bracelets, expensive watches, earrings or gold ornaments) to school.
  • The management reserves the right to dismiss students who make no progress in their studies or whose conduct is detrimental to the orderly life of the school. Irregular attendance, insubordinate to teachers, habitual inattention to school work, obscenity in words or actions, repeated damage to school property are sufficient reasons for dismissal of a student.
  • The school should be immediately notified in writing of any change of address or change of telephone number and emergency contact details.

Boys: Red checks pant and half sleeved red shirt, red socks and double velcro leather black shoes. School black belt with Global School logo.

Girls: Red checks skirt and half sleeved red shirt, red socks and double velcro leather black shoes, red cloth hair band. School black belt with Global School logo.


Boys: Cream colour shirt, navy blue pant, leather black shoes with lace and white socks. School black belt with Global School logo.

Girls: Cream colour shirt, navy blue checks suspender, leather black shoes and white socks. School black belt with Global School logo. White cloth hairband or white ribbon or white rubber.

Parents should ensure that their ward comes to school in complete school uniform.

  • Students should wear the prescribed school uniform and modification in uniform is not allowed.
  • Uniform must be clean and ironed and shoes must be polished. In case of hanging socks, it must be replaced immediately.
  • Students should only wear black strap rainy footwear during the monsoon.
  • PT uniform must be worn on days as instructed by the school.
  • Boys should trim their hair properly. Fancy hair style or cut is strictly prohibited. Girls with long hair below shoulder level, should braid two plaits and hair above shoulder level should wear cloth hairband.
  • Parents are strictly prohibited to plan vacation, outing, function during the ongoing academic year. Parents should intimate the principal and take prior permission with written application before leaving. Later, the application and explanation will not be entertained.
  • If the child remains absent for more than 2 days, parents should bring it to the notice of the class teacher and support the reason with a medical certificate in case of medical reason from a qualified doctor.
  • Students who return to school after being absent due to illness or any other reason for a day should compulsorily bring a leave note from the parent in leave record stating the reason for absence.
  • Under any circumstances, a student will not be allowed to leave the school premises before the official closing time, except in case of sudden sickness and only with a written permission from the principal.
  • Parents will not be permitted to meet their wards during the school hours. No application shall be entertained in this regard.
  • All students should be present on the reopening day of the school after a vacation. Students who remain absent continuously for more than 2 months without prior information shall be struck off from the roll.
  • A minimum of 75% of total attendance during an academic session would be necessary to appear for the annual examination. Shortage up to 10 % may be considered for condonation in case of genuine illness (if supported by a medical certificate)
  • The student seeking admission in Grade I should complete 6 years of age with a corresponding increase for higher grades.
  • Students seeking admission will be subjected to an entrance examination in English, Math and Science along with interview.
  • Students who never attended a recognized school before, must produce satisfactory evidence of their date of birth or an extract from the birth register of municipal or village records.
  • The school management reserves the right to refuse any application for admission without having assigned reason for the action.
  • No leaving certificate will be issued unless applied for in person by the parents/guardian in writing and after all the dues have been paid.
  • A month’s notice, signed by the parent/guardian is required for withdrawal of pupil from the school. If student leave in the middle of a term, fees for the whole term will have to be paid.
  • A pupil coming from a recognized school is required to bring a leaving certificate from the last school attended.
  • If a child’s admission is withdrawn from the school before the end of a term, full fees for the months of absence will be charged.