Welcome message from the Principal

M.M.Global School where children are able to thrive in a nurturing and caring environment

The positive relationships between the children and staff affords us the opportunity to truly understand the needs of each child and support them fully throughout their educational journey. Through a broad and dynamic curriculum, we aim to prepare the children for the challenges of the 21st century whilst developing the values and qualities required to be responsible citizens.
M.M.Global School has talented staff that strive to bring out the curiosity and a thirst for learning in each child, regardless of their ability. We aim to develop well-mannered, respectful and happy individuals and provide an academic foundation for the girls and boys to excel in the future.
M.M.Global School is rightly proud of its fantastic facilities. As well as extensive sports facilities and modern specialist teaching classrooms for the children to enjoy. Close to the Ratnagiri town of Woking, M.M.Global School has created a wonderful environment for the children to develop and experience childhood.
I feel very privileged to be the Headmaster of M.M.Global School. We are a true community and the staff, parents and children develop strong bonds. The best advert for the school are the children and I hope you will take the opportunity to visit us. I would be delighted to give you an individual tour where you will be able to witness, in person, our wonderful school.

Primary School

where children develop their interests

The curriculum in Primary School exposes children to a variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities that nurture every facet of personal development.
Students are assigned ‘houses’ to foster team-building and team-excellence, and mould them into responsible young citizens. The ‘monitor system’ instills values of ownership and responsibilities, and creates peer role models for students to emulate.
The foundations built from these hard and soft skills are then cemented through one-day field trips, educational tours and picnics, which aim to connect classroom education with real life.

  • Students exposed to a wide variety of subjects – reading, writing, sports, music, dance, speech and drama
  • One hour of movement every day for all students
  • All students learn self-defense
  • ‘House’ and ‘monitor’ system to foster community, teamwork and leadership

Middle School

where students learn to make choices

In Middle school students are encouraged to discover their interests as well as strengths and offer them a chance to further develop those skills. The academic program is more-focused and in-depth while providing more opportunities for self-learning and research.
Additional emphasis is given to inter-house cultural activities and sports competitions. Students get the opportunity to conduct special assemblies where they make presentations on topics of interest to them. They are allowed to pick their two favourite extracurricular subjects and deepen their skills in these areas. Students are also encouraged to participate in inter-school and national level activities, competitions and Olympiads.

  • Sports and cultural competition
  • Choice of extra curricular to deepen skills
  • Academic focus of self learning and research
  • One hour of movement every day for all students

Senior School

where students evolve into adulthood

The focus at senior school shifts to successful completion of the curriculum, supported by The Green Acres Academy’s key growth areas that span from logic and debate, to social and spiritual development.

This is a period of intense personal growth for students and is supported by the continuous engagement of highly- trained teachers and staff, acting in conjunction with parents, supported by an environment specifically designed to aid in their development.

Students are encouraged to hone skills that will make them the leaders of tomorrow. The formation of the Prefect Council and leadership roles in the program gives students real decision-making powers