Global School is fast emerging as a school of choice for many families in Ratnagiri City & outskirts because of our high standard CBSE curriculum. Due to this, we often have a large number of applicants for school places. We encourage parents to apply for positions as early as possible.

Admission Process

Registration for April 2023-24 is open

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Admission Process

Registration for Academic Year 2024-25 is open

Limited seats across certain grades available.

Admissions are carried out in below mentioned steps. If you have any queries or need clarifications, please feel free to get in touch with us on 7020882628 or email us at . We are available from Monday to Friday 9:30 AM to 05 PM  (excluding public holidays) Saturday 9:30 AM to 2 PM.

Step 1

Personal Interview + Entrance Test


Personal Interview along with an entrance test to check the knowledge and skill level of the child.

Step 2

Filling and submitting the admission form

Filling and submitting the admission form

– Please complete the form in its entirety as the information requested is mandatory for our record purposes. This process should take you about 30 minutes, including the uploading of required documents and online payment of registration fee of Rs. 200/- per form. – After submission of the form, the following are the next steps in the admissions process.

Step 3

Admission Confirmation

Offer Letter

– In case of incomplete/incorrect submissions, our admissions team shall contact the relevant parents for verification/clarification of the same. – If the admission form and all documents are found to be in order, an offer letter will be sent to the parents via email.

AGE CRITERIA 2023-2024

Grade 1
6 years complete by 31st December 2024
Grade 2 & Above
Based on Passed & Promoted Certificate of previous class

Documents for Admission

  • 1 Photocopy of child’s Adhaar Card
  • 1 Photocopy of both parent’s/guardians Adhaar Card
  • 1 Photocopy of child’s birth certificate
  • 2 recent passport size photographs of the child
  • (Applicable for students seeking admission for Grade 2 Onwards) Two years of school reports including any learning support documents pertaining to your child’s educational needs.
  • (Applicable for students seeking admission for Grade 2 Onwards) Transfer Certificate or School Leaving Certificate * this will be required at the time of enrolment
  • Students coming from GCC Countries, the Transfer/School Leaving Certificate should be attested by the Ministry of Education.
  • Students coming from other states in India the Transfer Certificate/Leaving Certificate need to be attested by the Education Officer of the Zone/District/Area from where the Certificate is obtained.



While we do not like to see anyone leave us, students who wish to withdrawn from Maratha Mandir Global School must complete the online withdrawal process. All school dues need to be cleared before starting the withdrawal process. 

Download Withdrawal Form here

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