Vision and Mission Statement


A school from The ‘MARATHA MANDIR’

The MARATHA MANDIR is an educational think tank that brings together the finest educators to chart out new pathways in education. We leverage innovations in teaching from state that have a solid basis in learning science, proven efficacy in the classroom and substantiation from top academics, to create the next generation of educational approaches that work for the Indian context.

Maratha mandir  is the team behind the highly acclaimed M. M. GLOBAL SCHOOL, Ratnagiri’s top emerging school.



  • To foster a caring environment and take care of individual needs in order to develop the overall personality of children.
  • To promote self-confidence in children & develop active & creative minds.
  • To tap the untapped potential of every child by providing a positive environment which will enable them to become productive & patriotic citizens.


  • To achieve Global Standards of excellence in Education.
  • To create lifelong learners and produce caring human beings.


  • We are committed to inculcate in students a sound philosophy based on humanistic ideals, and strive for continual improvement in the quality of educational offerings, thus meeting the needs of the stakeholders and the community.

Our school building didn’t just win awards

It actually promotes better learning

Our award-winning school buildings, developed with some of India’s finest architects, are examples of environments that impact how students approach their learning, and teachers their lessons. The buildings foster both greater collaboration, as well as greater independence, with intelligently designed spaces, flooded with abundant natural light and air.

The buildings are designed to ‘learn, teach and grow’ with the generations of students and teachers, to create an environment that is not only conducive to learning today, but can adapt to stay relevant decades from now.